👋 I'm Alvin.

I'm currently living in Bay Area and working on applied/creative computer vision at Facet.

I went to UT Austin and got myself a CS degree, and now I'm back at 🤘 again pursuing a Master remotely.

Previously I've worked on ads optimization and user/device clustering at LinkedIn via Drawbridge, satellite image segmentation at Nexus Connectivity, audio transcription formatting at Tenfold, inventory forecast at Vast, video compression research at Twitch, fraud detection at Apple, internal tools at Spredfast (now Khoros), and in-game UI for CoD at Activision.

I used to organize hackathons at Freetail Hackers, plan mobile dev conferences at MAD, educate K-12 students about CS at Roadshow, and teach students about machine learning/data science at MLDS.

Whenever I'm free, I enjoy spending time on researching esports analytics and building SixteenZero, lurking on Reddit to discover new music, and dabbling with HiFi headphones.

Thanks for stopping by 🥰 and if you want to chat, shoot me an email!

Resume // GitHub // LinkedIn // Email